Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Seeing Things

      Right now all I see is the blackness of the seas, The darkness so deep I couldn't breathe, I knew that moment I knew how I fell in and drowned.
      I saw the way the others suffer beneath, their own tears, I see the scars they leave on there arm every time they match that blade to their skin.
      I see the way the tears stream down their faces as they look around dying from thirst, confused not knowing how to deal with themselves.

      I see it all

      I see the way the others among us smile, but as deep down inside they are crying begging for help as they try to escape the blackness of their hearts.
      I see the way their heart breaks every time someone makes a promise then breaks it, leaving all those memories behind
      I see the way they feel emptiness at two in the morning finding their way back to the blade letting each drop of blood count how many people hurt them.

    I see it all

    I see the long sleeves on summer days to hide the scars on their wrist from the battle their emotions made confusing that person
    I see the way they push away each person that enters their life but in reality they want that person in their life. They don't want them to leave
    I see the way they stare into blank space slowly breaking little by little while no one notices and continues their daily life's

   I see it all

   I see the way there eyes get droopier and droopier because they can't sleep, while every memorie that hurts replays in their mind
   I see the way the memories haunt a tortured soul, A soul that is ripped to little pieces, Peices  shattered with sharp peices, edges that stab a broken heart
   I see the way the heart can never be healed the mind they are again lost in, memories that caused all these broken hearts

   I see the way they stay trapped in the past lost in memories

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