Thursday, September 22, 2016

Self Destruction Rant

               I hate the way people say your never good enough, think about it would you tell the younger version of you that, You hate way your body is shaped? You're too Fat? You hate your freckles? Or you hate your eye color? Your eyebrows are not perfect? Or your Acne is horrible? I might sound cheesy but I'm about to be honest, I look around and I hear the way everyone hates on themselves, But in reality any Guy/Girl would be lucky to have you. Each and every one of you are beautiful. We have Flaws. Nobody would complain about how Tall or Short or The way you look. I see the way others tear others down hoping for satisfaction to themselves. Deep down you feel guilt you look up and watch them walk away while they are dying inside or they are crying already. Your heart breaks just a little bit more. Self destruction could ruin the world. Self destruction could end life's. The way they hurt themselves be cause of too much hate. I looked around and I heard "I'm Ugly." or "Look at me I'm ugly" But in reality people look at you and see the beauty god has created. Everyone is perfect. Self Destruction could end someday, start friendships that last a life time. Stopping Self destruction could make you happier. People continue with "My Stretch marks are ugly." "The bags under my eyes are too dark." You don't realize the same innocent kid inside you that you said was beautiful is still you. Your still you. That same young beautiful kid is inside you. You are Beautiful, everything about you is PERFECT. It always will be. I sound cheesy but everything what I said could effect you and the way you look at yourself. Stop being destructive and be confident.

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