Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Poem For Someone

             I felt your hands touch mine so gently,  The butterflies in the pit of my stomach, The scramling for words and the uncontroable heartbeat the Soft and warm or was it just me everything stopped for a second until time had split us apart, I felt tingles for as long as I could remember I feel them still to this moment I wish I could say the words in my heart that are currently unspoken, still so much ahead of us, many years. Those years would go by faster with you, it seems that without you by my side holding my hand they go by slower, I felt like I had found my Mister Right until the day I dread when you are not there. I dread the day when you say you don't love me and never did. For now we may not be together now, we might never be together in the future but what hurts about being friends or even more? I'm still young so are you we are unpredictable. Maybe things would change maybe not now but in the future at some point. I'm trying to say I love you.

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