Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Me being rude

My mother once told me that god had put You here and put all your situations here for a reason….That reason was because you were strong enough to knock them down and overcome them, and no matter how old you get, your always going to have problems no matter how big to small. Well hold on….Mine was a big influnce on my life, but on my brothers too. It all started 3 years ago. My brothers and I. Dylan, Gage, Dakota and Chasyn. It was on a halloween night. Everyone was celebrating and we had a big bouncy house/Slide, and everyone decided to go down it. “ME FIRST!” I screamed the entire way down. I was extremely nervous, the slide was about 15 feet high. So my thoughts were scattered, I decided to go down. The wind in my face felt good, and when the ride was over, my hair was a tangled mess, and i had a burn on my upper thigh, from the rubber. It took me a minute to catch my breath. I climed of the slide and balance  onto my feet. Just about 15 seconds later, I heard another scream. I looked over to see...Dakota swooshing down the slide. I forced a laugh and looked away. He sorta embarrassed all of us. With his cubby stomach/face, the amount of food he took from the bar. None of us understand why he was like this. But I noticed goose bumps on my arms, I did not realize I was this cold.  So I went into the Bouncy house/Slide, and grabbed some pizza and some pop. I then began to my seat next to my dad, to sit and eat. When everyone was done, we went back outside and waited “So whatcha thinking about sissy?” I looked down to see my 5 year old brother Dakota talking to me. “Nothing, just about how I’m going to finish all this candy,” I looked at him and sent a fake smile “OKKKK! But you better not steal mine!” I looked at him and Mumbled a few words I didn’t even understand. “No worries, I will,” I looked away waiting for Gage to get down the slide. “NOOOO….SISSY! I thought you loved me?” I looked back at him my face turning red...Yeah right like in a million years. I thought of a quick lie and responded with “Just eat your sucker.” I looked away.

Humans and Glass

What if humans are like glass
We can break at the right time
All it takes
The right person
The right words
The right feelings
We are like glass because you can see through our eyes
We are like shattered glass still holding itself in place
But one punch to the heart to break
But we are also art
We are stained
The colors of our emotions
our past
our future
We are the glass barrier
to the rose of happiness
But once the glass breaks
our rose dies and we lose all our happiness