Wednesday, March 29, 2017

They Say They Don't know

They Say
You're perfect
They don't know that we aren't perfect we are our
They say
Makeup means you're insecure
They don't know that we aren't insecure we just enjoy makeup
They say
You are too fat
They don't know we look in the mirror everyday tears in our eyes wondering what we did so wrong we look up and down at ourselves and wonder how to change we stick our fingers down our throats to throw up stand up in the mirror wiping our tears and the sweat noticing we haven't changed a bit
They say
You are too skinny
They don't know we try to eat as much as we can try to gain some weight 110, 111, 112, 113
They say
You're too dumb to get this
They don't know we try we have a tutor WE TRY OUR BEST
They say
You're a nerd
They don't know we will be the ones with the best jobs you might work for us "nerds"
They say
You aren't good enough
They don't know we fight everyday for perfection we want to fit in and be what people want we want to be what people love to be modern
They say
You cut for attention
They don't know we hurt like hell we have blades to cope with what we feel because HUMANS are the reason we have scars we have scars because of the hurtful words you makeup that the words hurt more then the cuts on our wrist

The Moral of this?
To make you think twice about what you say, to show you that what you say may not hurt you but it hurts someone else. We are the reason that people are hurt. We are the ones who need to change our hearts. not them.

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