Friday, April 14, 2017

Mr Galmish

I just want to thank you.
I'm very sure you are my all time favorite teacher.
You supported me through my writing
Encourage me to keep writing

On days I felt trashed and horrible
You would ask me
"Are you okay"
Most days I wasn't
Somedays I was ok
Sometimes you believed me
Other times not so much

Most other Language Arts Teachers
Didn't encourage and supported me as much as you
Which is why I let you read more of my writings
Then most people
Corinna, Dezi, and Torren
Read as much as you do

I usually say my writing is written by stories I've heard
Some of it is
Most of the time it isn't

Thank you
Being a friend and caring
Most people don't

They don't listen
They don't care

But you did
You're different

Thank you, Mr. Galmish

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