Thursday, May 11, 2017


The darkness always has a light
Just like the night sky has the moon
How space has the stars
I have you
You are everything to me
My light
My happiness
You are so so much more than that pretty face
You're a smile waiting to be seen
You're a laugh waiting to be noticed
You're a heart waiting to be held
I see so much more than you think I do
I've noticed the days where you are quiet
The days where you can't focus and stare at the walls
The days where you tap your foot waiting for school to end
The days where you just aren't you
I'm not imagining it, I know I'm not
I saw your light trying to break through the steel wall of skin
I saw it
Maybe I can be your darkness
Maybe you can be the star instead

Just humans

We are just humans.
Nothing special, nothing important.
We all die eventually
I never got why suicide is so important
You just kill yourself
Ending it before your actual death was
Ending it because you can't deal with life any longer
Ending it because it's gonna end someday anyways
What's the point of love
They are going to give up on you at some point
There is no one in this entire world
That will actually stick around for longer than 2 years
It sucks it really does
Falling for someone who will never
Love you back
Why does it matter if we are just humans
Nothing important or special 
We kill ourselves but it doesn't matter
We die anyways 
When you kill yourself you are just ending it sooner